Court Reservations

Mindbody account

Mindbody Account Set-Up now mandatory for ALL PLAYERS as our insurance waiver is now required for all athletes who use the facility.

Each REntal is $30

Each court rental is $30 for two hours. The person that is booking the court will pay $30 via credit card on Mindbody. It is up to the renter to request that their group split the cost however they see fit amongst themselves.

Court Maintenance

Help us keep our courts beautiful! Please stop your play 3-5 minutes before the end of your reservation to rake for the next group!


There are no longer memberships for court rentals. Each court rental will be paid for upon RSVP via MindBody.

Frequently asked questions

Reservations are now required to play for any court usage. There are club trainings that happen 7 days a week at various times. Court reservations are necessary for any play. 

2 hour segments only. Must arrive 15 minutes prior to reservation for check in

Reservations must end 5 minutes before end time for raking and transition for next clients. 

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